Center of holistic medicine

Amavitacenter1Holistic vision - Holistic Medicine by Ama-vita • psychology, energy, "Frequency-Medicine", Building & Geobiology

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Amavitacenter4Health measurements consultations, Energymeasurements & Energy Medicine; treatments locally and on distance

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Extra services

for professionals

Beelden1Full digital distance services for health professionals • Find the real reasons & solutions for your clients/patients even on distance

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Start your own

holistic medicine center

HolisticHealthCenter2Start your own holistic center • Choose your own systems and knowledge for being able to work following "Holistic Medicine"

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Araberpaard2All about horses within a holistic vision • High Tech Systems for measurements and treatments, online scans , stable check by online Geobiology.....

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Mission Ama-vita in 2023

Welcome at Ama-vita

General whats app: +27 79 75 90 94 9

Mobile Egypt: +20(0)10 62 84 56 80

Mobile /whats app: +32(0)484 990 378 (only when in Belgium)

Skype: reinhard.becker (Ama-vita)

zoom-conection on appointment:

Meeting ID: 426 126 8591 •

Energy & holistic medicine

Sales and training of High Tech systems

Extra services for professionals

Advice • Consultations • Measurements

Trainings • startup of holistic health centers

Building Biology & Geobiology

Leave here your message and/or stay informed:







Your informations are always confidential and kept with us only.

Visit also our other website.


Can we decline a vacine?




Ama-vita means "love-life".... and this is today even more important. Therefore we organise on monday evenings at 8 pm (Brussels time) free information sessions for all visitors. All questions are welcome concerning our own hollistic health, animals and our home/office. A new important additional task is to offer is solutions concerning contaminations & negatief impact due to the gentechnology "shedding" at vaccinated and non vaccinated humans.

In memorandum to one of the most valuable person within health, we offer the knowledge of Dr. Isaac Goiz every monday from 7 to 8 pm with introduction of Biomagnetisme and support to their users. Any person can learn it and gives you solutions you can take into your own hands for your own health.


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Individual sessions live in Dahab

(online on distance allways possible)

>= February 2nd / Dahab

For bookings by whats app +27797590949 or phone: +20 10 62 84 56 80


Individual sessions live in Cairo

(online on distance allways possible)


begin March (to be determind) • Cairo / Kerdasa (near City view)

begin March (to be determind) • Cairo / New Cairo

begin March (to be determind) • Cairo / Maadi

For bookings by whats app +27797590949 or phone: +20 10 62 84 56 80 (New Cairo: +201067176540)


Sessions are approximately 2 hours including Frequency Medicine High Tech measurement & analysis based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with Russian Frequency Medicine, treatment & programming of chip for ca. 6 - 8 weeks use, Energy Medicine basic checks and corrections, learning of Energy Routine to keep your energy balanced, trauma measurement & traumarelease...



"The sky is NOT the limit"...

Saturday, February 4th • 2 pm - 4 pm

Dahab • Moon Arts House


Sunday, February 5th • 7 pm - 9 pm

Dahab • Lotus House

Fees: Free workshop with free donation for the locations

Workshop for getting back your real frequency & Energy Medicine basics for anybody

Take back your own frequency following David R. Hawkins

Test anything yourself (Energy Medicine based)

Protect your own Energy (Energy Medicine)

“The Daily Energy Routine & Meridian Tracing” (EEM)

Location if needed also by whats app by Amira/ Moods Art House: +20 106 733 2829 (location link follows)

Location if needed also by whats app by Reinhard/ Lotus House: +27 79 759 0949 (location)

We all lost our own frequency following Hawkins during the last two years. The combination of High Tech and ancient wisedom helps us to reestablish our origin frequency. Than find out how far you can go to use your own frequency....

Technics following Energy Medicine to measure anything yourself or with another person is very helpfull in any situation.

We learn also how to protect our own energy what is more than needed and also the daily energy exercises which takes 5 minutes to keep your energy high. Meridian tracing is an additional easy way to fortify our own Energy.



Biomagnetisme for doctors, therapists and individuals

Neutralise any virus, bacteria etc in minutes...

Thursday, February 23nd • 2 pm - 6 pm

Dahab Light Lotus House

Fees: 700 EGP

pdf book included (pinted version: 250 EGP)

Workshop of Biomagnetisme following Dr. Goiz

DrGoizportret1• Muscle testing for testing any person

• Basics of BiomagnetismeBiomagnetisme2

• How to reallign the spine, work off leg length differences...

• how to work with reservoires

• Systematic protocol for testing and neutralising any virus, bacteria and any microorganisme

• How to test and take off trauma's with magnets

• How to neutralise energetic consequences of vaccinations (by sort of vaccination)

• Lots of practice by working with magnets following Dr. Goiz

Magnets, manual (pdf) and book (pdf) for direct application after workshop available

For bookings by whats app +27797590949 or phone: +20 10 62 84 56 808

Regulary zoom meetings on Monday evenings with possibility to get additinally support


rouwlus1In memorandum of Dr. Isaac GOIZ (13.04.1941 - 27.03.2021) • Biomagnetisme


Discovering tha two magnets can neutralise any virus, bacteria, parasite... within only 25 minutes gives you a first idea how important this knowledge is. Dr. Goiz should have got the Nobelprice in medicine for his discoverye of Biomagnetisme since 30 years...

link youtube: Homenagem Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán - 1941 - 2021


"Biomagnetisme" is the easiest method for any person to take care for your own health and healthprevention



Magnets for your own use • Biomagnetisme

Set of two small magnets: 400 EGP (350 for course members)



Professional training for therapists and doctors in "Energy Medicine"

Friday, February 24 th • 10 am - 6 pm • Dahab • 1.000 EGP

Level 1: Basics of Daily Energy Routine (any person) - 1 day

EdenEnergyMedicine• Muscle testings, selftests, basic exercises and quick testings for Energy Medicine

• The Daily Energy Routine

• Meridian tracing & flushing meridians

Reservation of your place by whats app +27797590949

Regulary zoom meetings on Monday evenings with possibility to get additinally support

Videolink to "The Daily Energy Routine by Prune Harris":

Vieolink to " Meridian Tracing" by Prune Harris:

For bookings by whats app +27797590949 or phone: +20 10 62 84 56 80




February 25 th & 26 th • 10 am - 6 pm • Dahab • 5.000 EGP (introduction price)

Level 2: Practioner professional training - 2 days

(Level 1 necessary for attending also level 2)

EEM2• Full Session sheet protocol step by step

• Testings & corrections for underenergy, overenergy and blocked energy

• Aura testings and corrections

• Chacra testings and corrections

• Tripple warmer and stresshandling

• Three point technic and how to loose blockages

• Working with 5 elements

• Quick Energy balance treatment

• Brazilian toe technic (anti stress treatment)


For bookings by whats app +27797590949 or phone: +20 10 62 84 56 80



Come to your health vacation and/or individual training to Dahab/ Egypt

Combine following your own wishes your vacation in Egypt with custom tailored training:

Energy Medicine for who wants to test and treat his (future) clients: ca. 4-5 days


Intensive training for therapists and doctors who want to start working with the new systeem Metavital Human TS: ca. 4-5 days

Building Biology (measurements with systems) & Geobiology (energy and disturbances by and in the house) being able to measure and approuve houses yourself: ca. 5 days

Learn the basics and treatment of Biomagnetisme following Dr. Goiz: ca. 1 day

Holistic Medicine combined training: ca. 7 - 10 days

Healthy food and healthy cooking in practice: ca. 4 days

we can help to find a nice place you like most depending on your budget

Dahab is situated at the red sea and famous for its nature, scuba diving, adventure travels...

Make your personal appointment for your individual training in function what you would love to learn by zoom meeting.


On appointment with zoom for doctors & therapists

Doctors & therapists also on appointment life demo

High Tech measurements with up to 70 billion measurement points

• Quick-check online as distance measurement

• quick analysis for professionals including report of most important root-causes including microorganismes for working yourself with Biomagnetisme.

• full analysis and treatment with scalar waves following TCM & High tech frequency medicine possible

Link for these zoommeetings:


humantsbild(zoom meeting number: 834 6931 5765 via ---> "join a meeting" link top right side)

U can participate yourself by appointment

The link is being activated about 10 minuten in advance so you can test the connection.

If you need support, you can contact me by whats app before the session starts at

+27797590949. Install zoom is much easier.





The impact of high frequenties on our health already proven in 2013 repetively .... and today the radiation is many times higher... (see chin. experiment with 5G at 60 Ghz)

link Youtube:



Free links & PDF documents for your health

Holistic Medicine

pdfteken1Download here the overview of Holistic Medicine.


Energy Medicine


EEMatseaside1• practicing the daily energy routine together, step by step (link to video)

• practicing Meridian tracing together, step by step (link to video)



pdfteken2Download here the chart for the Neurolymphatic points for easier applying the daily energy routine.


pdfteken4Download here the chart for the "Meridian tracing" .

Energy Medicine is withing Holistic Medicine the third level which is the most forgotten part of Holistic Medicine. Once we realise that principally, we stay healthy as long as energy is not too high (stress etc..), too low (exhausted, depletd...) or blocked (by trauma's, permanent stress...), Energy Medicine is the easiest way to take our health in our own hands. If we can keep our energy flowing, we just stay healthy. The overview of Holistic Medicine gives you an easy and clear sight on "Holistic Medicine", where Energy Medicine (and Biomagnetisme) show you clearly the keyrole of how to stay healthy.... We offer further going workshops to learn about Energy Medicine for any person and special practioner classes and join our free zoom (& life) sessions.

"Put your health in best hands.... your own!"


Building Biology

pdfteken8PDF of Manual how to use a Multimeter as E-stressmeter for measuring the voltage on our own body. A connection to an outside installed copper stick or grounding rod in wet ground is needed as well a long wire connection from grounding rod to the inside of your house.


pdfteken9PDF of Grounding rod installation and how to create your grounded socket.

Link to practical general installation of a ground rod and adding a ground wire to existing non earthed wall connections:


PH control of your alkaline/ acidic state

pdfteken11pdfteken12PDF of chart and ph papers to follow up your own ph (of urine acidity).

Did you know that real fysical healing works much better with the right energy level of your cells which are in direct connection with your ph level?



Previous recuring sessions/workshops


30.1.23 free workshop Holistic Medicine

Monday, January 30th • 8 pm • Cairo / Maadi 233 street

Presentation and life testings to show all aspects of Holistic Medicine


EEMatseaside2• introduction how to measure and take off trauma's

• introduction of Energy Medicine and how we can correct our own energy systems. Professional trainings possible for starting up yourself with Energy Medicine.


Oberonmeting1• Frequency Medicine introduction and life measurement as basic for the Medicine of the future (6th kondatief)

• possible on distance also as quick scan or full session



Metingsbeeldenoverzicht1• Very convenient way for any person, therapist and doctor to expand their own talents and knowledge by learning and using our online Frequency Medicine measurements and treatments



EdenEnergyMedicinelr1• therapists training will follow soon: Energy Medicine analysis & corrections following official programm - Biomagnetisme - Energy psychology - therapies combined with quick-checks or full analysis and treatments - energy of the house (online / on distance).


Biomagnetisme• Biomagnetisme and neutralisation of any virus and bacteria within 20 minutes following Dr. Isac Goiz.




Medaillonlus2Presentation and life testings of the impact of vaccinations by testing the frequencies following Hawkins

• Test contamination by shedding (mRNA programm's from vaccinations)

• Muscle testings basics

• Test contamination by shedding (mRNA programm's from vaccinations)

• High Tech Frequency Medicine solution for neutralising all programm's


"Holistic Medicine" shown in an easy way of 4 levels

1. Unconscious psychology

2. Conscious psychology

3. Energy Medicine

4. Frequency Medicine


External factors: toxins

External factors: Building Biology (measurements of all kind of radiations in and around your house)

External factors: Geobiology (energy of the house)


pdfteken13Download here the informtion about Holistic Medicine. This more detailed information gives a clear new insight how medicine can be explained. The classical medicine finds its place within the urgency medicine and still stays necessary for humans.


pdfteken14Download here the informtion about Power versus Force and how to neutralise the contamination by the mRNA messengers programms.


Welcome to discover the unkonwn solutions within Holistic Medicine

Thanks for announcing your participation at +20 10 62 84 56 80 (mobile) or by whats app: +27797590949





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We offer online measurements from quick check to complete analysis also with treatment by High Tech Frequency Medicine.

Doctors & health- professionals can use our system by our services for detailed analysis or profit from the introduction offer this year for working yourself with this new TS Frequency system.

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